Return Policy

You can cancel your order by notifying us no later than 14 days after receipt of the goods or the last batch of goods or, in the case of regular delivery of goods, receipt of the first batch of goods.

Notice of cancellation must be made to our email.

The right of cancellation only applies and the products returned must be in their original packaging, unused and well packaged for return.

The right of exchange and return is 14 days from the receipt of the order. The right of return only applies to unused products in the original packaging. For returns or exchanges, always contact our customer service first.

If the product is damaged in the post office, a complaint must be made to the post office immediately.

The product must be in a completely new condition when returned. The customer pays the return postage. In case of return and exchange, please contact us by e-mail.

If the transaction is canceled, the goods must be returned without delay and no later than 14 days after the cancellation notice has been given to our return address below. If necessary, the returner must prove that the goods have been returned on time, for example with a return receipt. The returner must pay the cost of the return. These costs will not be reimbursed to the returner.

When returning a delivered order, include your name and contact information and account number for a refund.

Accordingly, we will refund the money you paid for the order without delay in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The customer pays the refund.

Our return address:

Tuomitie 15 06100 Porvoo.