In the spring of 2022, we started importing products made from a plant called Chaguar.
These chaguar handicrafts for us are made by Wichi natives in Formosa,
northern Argentina.

Chaguar products are made especially by Wichi women, who go in small groups to a place called Chaguaral on the mountain (meaning a place where a lot of chaguar grows) to mow the chaguar plant.
They take the thorns off the plant and peel them by splitting the fibers.
Chaguar fibers are crushed and soaked in water several times. Then they are dried in the sun for one or two days.

The chaguar fibers are then defibrillated, spun into yarn, dyed and then knitted.
The thread is made by connecting several strands, twisting them with a quick movement of the hands on the thighs, which are covered with ash.
The most common colors of yarn are black, brown, gray and red.

Our mission
It is important for us to support the indigenous peoples of Argentina by giving them jobs.
We know that by ordering products from Wichi women, we are helping their support organization to empower and provide a better standard of living.
In this way,
we help to promote women's training in management and administration.

We want to be involved in strengthening the working processes of the Wichí people and promoting the improvement of the population's living conditions.