El Norte background and values

Mami alias Paola is from San Salvador de Jujuy, northern Argentina, where there is a really interesting and unique culture as well as landscapes ranging from high mountains to dense jungle.

Mami & Majuri have been dreaming of the El Norte Finland concept for a few years. In 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, we dared to make our dreams come true and this is the moment when our company was born.

El Norte Finland arose from a desire and need to bring northern Argentina closer, as well as a desire to concretely support local culture and small family businesses. We value well done and beautiful things that are durable. We believe in high-quality and sustainable fashin. itbeautiful anduseful things that show hand skills and sustainability.

North Argentinian natives make use of natural materials such as the fibers of llamas and sheeps.Traditional ponchos and barracans-textiles are created in looms and using old craft techniques. the production of wool and woolen garments as well as leather products are part of the local economy.

Through El Norte Finland, we want to connect the northern parts of our two worlds. We know that useful products and durable materials made in northern Argentina are useful here in Finland.
Our company promotes and supports small producers and businesses
who focus on their origins in their materials and craftsmanship.
We value companies that respect the working conditions of original producers and that make sustainable products.

When you buy products from us, you make a responsible purchase. El Norte products are beautiful, useful and well done.

Paola & Ville
Mami & Majuri

Paola & Ville Mami& Majuri

El Norte logo; symbols

El Norte means north, and in the logo we wanted to highlight elements from northern Argentina as an Inca pattern, from Finland the letter E, reminiscent of Finnish weeds and northern Viking culture, which appears in the letter N while forming an upward arrow like on a compass.